Honda to supply Formula Lites engines

Formula Lites is pleased to announce HondaPerformance Development as the official engine supplier to the Formula Lites series. Honda's production 2.4 liter, four-cylinder Honda K24 engine is set to power the Formula Lites Crawford FL15 chassis.

"We are pleased to partner with Honda Performance Development as the official engine supplier to the Formula Lites series. The Honda 2.4 liter production motor will be fitted to the Formula Lites Crawford FL15 chassis providing a high power, cost efficient, reliable package for our competitors," said Dennis McCormack.

"HPD's commitment to driver development, combined with Formula Lite's platform into professional racing provides drivers with an exciting and exceptional opportunity," stated Ryan Arciero.

Formula Lites is a racing series emphasizing economy and safety while giving drivers the opportunity to develop their skills with the goal of progressing into higher levels of open-wheel racing. The series is promoted by High Performance Group principals Dennis McCormack and Ryan Arciero. Dennis McCormack is a long time motorsports competitor who has an extensive background in every aspect of the sport from team owner to series operations for some of the top international manufacturers. Ryan Arciero, like Dennis has been involved in all facets of motorsports from a championship driver running successful racing teams across the country, to developing and running national motorsports programs for top auto manufacturers. Together, McCormack and Arciero have had a successful history of series management.

The Formula Lites Crawford FL15 is the design and build of Crawford Composites, LLC. Its all carbon composite chassis is built to FIA F3 2014 technical specifications. Elliot Forbes-Robinson leads the test drive program and Pirelli will supply tires to the series.

The series, sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing is scheduled to launch in 2014 at select events, with a full schedule in 2015.

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