Sunday morning update from Barber (Update)

UPDATE Our pick Newgarden was fastest in morning warm-up. Kimball backed the car in hard. He will have to go to backup car.

Talked with Connor Daly and he says he really doesn't see any opportunity for him in IndyCar in the current environment. He also said that the collegiate racing league story that AR1 did, makes way too much sense to be something IndyCar would do. He said he is keeping an eye on the Haas F1 team and hopes their priority is to put an American driver in the car.

We are expecting a rain race today as raindrops are beginning to fall . Look for Sato to be super fast. Rumor has it he runs a dry setup in the rain and is very quick that way. One driver who didn't want to be quoted said "Taku is an animal in the rain…heck yeah…he brings it." Scott Morris reporting from Barber

04/27/14 The weather has changed the forecast for today's IndyCar race. It is now mostly cloudy and we woke up to a misty rainy fog.

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