Danica Patrick hasn’t ‘figured out’ Richmond yet

Danica Patrick said she hopes her run at Richmond International Raceway on Saturday will be a learning experience because she hasn't "figured it out yet."

Patrick finished 29th and 30th in her previous NASCAR Spring Cup Series starts at the track.

"If anybody has the key to Richmond, please pass it along because I have not figured it out, yet," she said in a news release. "I haven't run well at Richmond, yet. I loved going there in IndyCar, and I had good success there. … It just hasn't been that way in stock cars.

"I have a really hard time getting into Turn 1. I feel like the car is going to spin out the whole time, so I don't know. Hopefully, this time will be different," she added.

"Both ends are different at Richmond," Patrick said of the track. "I feel like you drive kind of downhill into Turn 1, and you kind of drive up and into Turn 3. It's getting old so it's losing grip, and power down and rear traction off the corner is at a premium, so that's always what we try and figure out how to get." UPI.com

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