Luyendyk Jr. recovering from crash

Arie Luyendyk Jr. thinks he could be back to racing his off-road truck by the end of the month, which seems remarkable given the crash he had last weekend in Primm, Nev.

Luyendyk was battling with Mike Jenkins in The Off-Road Championship (TORC) race when they both hit the first-turn jump at about the same time. Luyendyk's truck flew farther but took contact mid-air. The truck landed on the side of its left-side wheels, which caused a significant barrel roll.

Luyendyk's left arm apparently got wedged against the seat, breaking his collarbone. Fortunately it was a diagonal break, allowing an easier surgery Tuesday.

A camera mounted inside the driver's compartment caught the accident, which was difficult to watch as he lowered his head in obvious pain.

"I can't believe the camera didn't even miss a beat," he said.

Luyendyk said the bones are now held together by a titanium plate and four screws. The benefit to surgery is that he could return to racing sooner. His goal is the April 25-26 event in Charlotte, which is home to his sponsor.

"I might not even miss a race," he said.

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