Todt Concerned About F1’s Future, Afraid Series Could Lose Teams

Jean Todt knows that F1 is in deep trouble – the car noses are hideous, the engine noise is horrible and the new expensive power units are pricing teams out of the sport

FIA President Jean Todt "is concerned about the future of F1," according to BILD. Todt said, "I'm afraid that we'll lose teams." In an interview, Todt "defended the cost-reduction measures."

He said, "Everyone wants this budget ceiling. It has to be put down in writing. Then it's mandatory for all." Todt added that a lot of teams approach him and F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone and "beg them to finally introduce a budget cap."

Sources said that "Sauber and Williams are in trouble." Lotus "has reportedly failed to pay one of its drivers." Todt: "Many scream for help. It is our job to hear those screams."

There "has to be a solution by the end of June." The Frenchman and former Ferrari team principal said, "Pollution, financial crisis and dwindling resources — those are undeniable problems. If F1 wants to stay the pinnacle of motorsports, it will have to change." BILD

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