A Thank-You Letter from Memo Gidley

Memo Gidley

Hello everybody and thanks so much for your support! I wish I could respond and say thank you individually to everyone who has written and posted well wishes on various websites and forums… but recovery and healing have been absolutely non-stop for me.

I have gone through a lot of difficult and painful things in my life and on the journey to the top of racing. But these last two months, since my Daytona crash, have easily taken the cake as the hardest and most painful. However, as difficult as this has been, I feel so unbelievably lucky because I am confident I can heal and get back to the Gidley I was before.

As lucky as I feel, I also know my journey ahead will require so much dedication and commitment.

I was in the hospital bed for nearly 5 weeks and I lost something like 20lbs of bodyweight… mostly muscle. I currently get surprised often how it takes to get this… actually really any muscle back on my thin frame. I broke and fractured something like 12 bones so this makes me working at an injured level that I have never been to in my life. The physical therapy from this point is overwhelming if you try to think of all the work. I have my up and down days… but I know every day I will give it my complete effort and work as hard as I can. As a racer… or person that has never been in a difficult situation like this, I have so much respect now for those who have.

I want to, once again, thank everyone who has helped me…in so many ways. All of the IMSA Tudor Championship safety people who got me out of the unbelievably wrecked DP and got me to the hospital, as well as the entire Tudor Series organization and leader, Jim France.

All of the people that helped me at Daytona Halifax hospital. Nurses, helpers etc., and the surgeons that did such a fantastic job operating on my numerous broken bones…something like twelve fractures, from what I understand.

And all of my friends, various team members, and so many people that came out to see me at the Daytona Halifax hospital during that first week while I was beginning my recovery. Thanks.

My team, Gainsco/Bob Stallings Racing. Bob and his team have been so great to me. What an awesome group of people that have given me so much support. Thank you.

My Mom and girlfriend, who have been by my side daily, and to my young daughter and all of my family. So many thanks and so much love to all of them.

All of my current physical trainers and helpers and medical professionals from various places who have gotten me to this point… and will help me get to the future.

All of the thousands of fans and friends who have shown me their support. From cards, emails, texts, Facebook and Twitter posts, forums, articles, etc. etc. I have faced some really difficult days – please know that all of you got me to the next day. Thanks so much… please know how grateful I am.

Also, the race teams that applied #All4Memo decals on their race cars for the 12 Hours of Sebring…that was awesome.

I'm sure I missed a few folks – forgive me, but know that I'm thankful. I am thankful to everyone who wants me to recover.

And just so all my friends know, last Friday I took my first steps using just a walker. I was able to put all my weight on my two legs and walk around the inside of the physical therapy center! It was awesome to be up using my own power!

I have a lot of work ahead of me, but because of the people behind me, and my determination, I will heal and get strong again.

Thanks, again, to all those Memomaniacs! I love you all and will get back out onto the racetrack as soon as I can and make you proud!

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