Struggling Caterham F1 Team Under Pressure Despite Help From Kobayashi, Sponsors

Along with Toro Rosso, the new Caterham is the ugliest of the bunch

Caterham F1 Team "is one of the F1 teams with the fewest economic resources," according to Javier Estepa of MARCA. One of the team's drivers, Kamui Kobayashi, will "race for no salary."

Caterham said in a statement, "This is incredible. It surprised us and we appreciate it. Imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo did this and told the club to invest the money from his salary in a youth program. He would be a god to all the fans. For us, it means the same. In the modern era, for an F1 driver not to charge a salary is incredible."

Caterham has "just 350 employees." All the club's limits "have a clear explanation: money." For Caterham, "the help of sponsors is very important — sponsors like mobile operator Truphone cover the club's communications needs, and thanks to this, the employees can travel the world without worrying about a subject as important in F1 as communication."

These types of sponsors "make the club a little bit better — it all adds up." The club "is 100% focused on competing."

Caterham Owner Tony Fernandes recently said of the importance of being competitive, "After years without earning points in Formula 1, patience is running out. This year we have better infrastructure and better drivers. If we're at the back I don't think I'm going to carry on. There is a limit to one's patience, money and motivation so it's an important year." MARCA

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