Alfe Heat renews with Foyt team

Industry leader Alfe Heat Treating returns as a major associate sponsor of the ABC Supply/AJ Foyt Racing team in 2014 marking their fourth straight year with the team.

The Ft. Wayne, Indiana-based company has continued to find ways to leverage its motorsports marketing partnership since its entry into the sport in 2011. “We feel Indy Car is a great way to present Alfe Heat Treating to the public and show our customers we have a solid relationship to the automotive industry, as well as give our employees something to relate to, look forward to, and enjoy away from the work week," said Kurt Westman, president and founder of one of the nation’s largest heat treating services company. “Overall the feedback has been positive from both the customer and employee base."

Ryan Westman, Alfe’s Regional Sales Manager, who administers the motorsports program for the company, seconded that belief, saying, “This is really our employees’ and customers’ team because without their loyalty to Alfe Heat Treating, we wouldn’t be racing on Sunday."

Beginning as a limited race sponsorship, Alfe’s support has evolved into a season long association with one of the IndyCar Series’ oldest and most storied teams.

“Being part of the Foyt team continues to amaze me," said Westman, who founded the company in 1979. “They have welcomed us and made us a real part of their racing team as well as Indy Car. They have proven to be winners in every way! Every member of the team has continued to represent Alfe Heat Treating in a positive and professional manner. My thanks to each and every one of them! It is also very good to hear A.J. is feeling much better and hopefully will be at a few more races this year."

“We’re honored to have Alfe be a part of our team," said team owner A.J. Foyt. “Everyone I’ve ever met from Alfe has been great. They really seem to enjoy themselves when they come to the races and I’m so glad that they got to experience being in victory lane last year. Hopefully I’m there too the next time!"

Asked about how success is measured when it comes to the motorsports program, Westman responded, “Of course “winning" but winning doesn’t always mean getting the checkered flag first (which is great also!). Winning can also be measured by building new and successful business relationships through racing, seeing a smile on an employee’s face just enjoying a race, or the time our employees spend with their charitable events at IndyCar races. Also, being connected with successful names such as ABC Supply, Takuma Sato as well as A.J. and Larry Foyt make us very proud to be a part of A.J. Foyt Racing."

According to Team Director Larry Foyt, the feeling is mutual.

“Having the support of Alfe has been wonderful for our team and I believe it’s been an important part of our ABC Supply/AJ Foyt Racing team’s recent success," said Foyt. “I loved being able to share the Victory Circle experience with them and as well as ABC Supply! We’ve truly enjoyed the warm friendship with the Westman family and we look forward to another great racing season this year!"

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