Video: Danica finally wins a race

Yes it's true. Danica Patrick won a nationally televised race last January 29th. However, it's not what you may be thinking. This race had nothing to do with her familiar bright green #10 Go Daddy/Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet. She was driving a rather large tricycle on a studio sound stage while making an appearance on "Bethenny", the nationally syndicated day time talk show hosted by Bethenny Frankel.

Patrick's appearance began with some couch conversation time where Frankel asked her the usual questions such as a woman competing in a male dominated sport. Frankel also inquired about Patrick's relationship with NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. When a large video screen displayed a photo of the NASCAR couple, Patrick pointed at Stenhouse and said "isn't he studly looking?"

Frankel challenged her guest to a three lap race around a tiny oval laid out on the sound stage floor. The weapons of choice were some rather large, low to the ground, tricycles. There was, however, a major stipulation connected to this race. The ladies had to peddle the trikes while wearing four inch stiletto heels hence the name Stiletto 500.

The really interesting part to this race was watching the expression on Danica Patrick's face. She had that same intense look we've seen many times, from in car television cameras, during a Sprint Cup race. Apparently, even a three lap tricycle race brings out the competitive edge In this driver.

On lap two of the event, Frankel spun out in turn two. That pretty much guaranteed the win for Patrick. In typical race driver fashion Patrick noted that her trike was "loose coming off of the turns."

In victory lane, she proudly held up a large trophy with a giant high heel place on top of it.

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