IP Deutschland Unveils Prices For TV Commercials During F1 Broadcasts On RTL

Marketing company IP Deutschland "has published the prices for TV commercials during RTL's F1 broadcasts," according to Alexander Krei of DWDL. For the most expensive spot, customers "will not have to pay as much as last year." A 30-second split-screen spot during the U.S., Brazil, Bahrain and Monaco races will cost $110,000, in comparison to last year's $120,000.

If somebody "does not want to spend that much money, they can buy a 30-second spot during free practice at one of the early morning races in Australia or Japan." Such a spot has a price tag of $3,700. In addition, IP Deutschland "will offer a 'Pole-Position Package,' which gives customers 76 ad places in top spots surrounding all races." The marketing company "has not yet announced a price for this package." DWDL

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