Gidley in Accident at Daytona (Update 3)

UPDATE #3 Again, we have no official word on the condition of either Matteo Malucelli or Memo Gidley. However, both have been taken to nearby Halifax Hospital.

01/25/14 It looks as if Gidley has been removed from the car, placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. Still, no word on Gidley’s condition.

Real quick update:

Gidley collided with Italian Matteo Malucelli, driver of the #62 Rizi Competizione Ferrari, coming out of the kink in the infield. Malucelli has been removed from the car, placed on the stretcher, and put into an ambulance. The race has been red-flagged.

Still, no update on Gidley. Again, we will pass along the information, as we receive it.

Brian C. Reporting for AR1

01/25/14 Memo Gidley, driver of the #99 Corvette Prototype, has been in a huge accident at the 24 Hours of Daytona. No word yet on Gidley's condition. We will pass along information as we receive it.

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