FIA announces 2014 rule changes

There have been some updates to the F1 rules for both this year and beyond, although they have yet to be fully ratified:

Amendments to the 2014 Sporting Regulations were also approved, but are subject to ratification by the F1 Commission and teams. These include:

— The Stewards may now impose a five-second time penalty which can be taken before work is carried out on the car in a pit stop

— Team personnel must also wear helmets during qualifying, as well as the race

— Drivers may not stop on the slowing down lap to save fuel for sampling and subsequent analysis; this will not be considered justifiable reason for stopping

— For 2014 only, each team will be allowed six curfew “jokers." Previously there were two permitted. This is to allow more flexibility for working on the new engines and cars

Amendments to the 2014 Technical Regulations, subject to agreement of the F1 Commission and teams:

— The weight of the car, without fuel, must not be less than 691kg at all times during the Event. The weight limit has increased by 1kg to take into account the difference in weight between the tires in 2013 and 2014

Amendments to the 2015 Sporting Regulations, subject to agreement of the F1 Commission:

— To be considered as a constructor, teams will now not need to design and manufacture suspension and brake ducts

Amendments to the 2015 Technical Regulations, subject to agreement of the F1 Commission:

— The car minimum weight has been increased by 10kg, to 701kg, for 2015

— All tire heating devices will be prohibited in 2015

— For safety reasons, the front part of the chassis will not be able to climb too steeply rearward of the front of the chassis.

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