James Foyle joins Trans Am Series as Chief Steward

The Trans Am Series has announced the return of James Foyle to the Trans Am staff, where he will serve as Chief Steward for the Trans Am Series.

The appointment marks Foyle’s return to the Trans Am Series, having previously served as operating steward in 2001 and 2002 as well as assistant operating steward in 1995.

“We’re pleased to welcome James back to the Trans Am Series," said John Clagett, President of the Trans Am Race Company. “James has a stellar background in race operations that gives us great confidence moving forward, just as his experience will be a valuable asset as the Trans Am Series continues to grow. In turn, Trans Am wants to thank John Martinson, who has served as our Chief Steward for the past two years. It’s fair to say that Trans Am would not be where it is today without John’s hard work, dedication and willingness to assist the Series."

Tom Campbell, President of SCCA Pro Racing, was quick to reiterate Clagett’s comments.

“James Foyle is an excellent steward with a wealth of experience in many series and venues," said Campbell. “James has worked as a steward at all of the US Formula One events, at both the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Circuit of the Americas. I am pleased to be able to welcome him back to the SCCA Pro Racing staff. I am confident that he will do an outstanding job as the Trans Am Chief Steward."

Foyle joins a Trans Am Series that is vastly different from the one he worked with in years past. The Series now boasts three different classes of cars and expects car counts well into the forties.

“I’m looking forward to returning to Trans Am and working with a lot of old friends and making new ones," said Foyle. “Trans Am is a great Series with both history and momentum—I’m ready to contribute to that growth as the Series continues to move forward."

Foyle has also acted as a national steward for IMSA from 2009 to 2013 and an operating steward with the organization since 1997. In addition, Foyle has a long history with the SCCA, acting as a national chief steward since 1971.

“I got my start in the race world as a flagger," said Foyle. “Mainly because I love being around the cars and people—working in racing has always been a great experience, and it’s an experience I’m excited to continue with Trans Am."

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