Formula 1 teams called to FIA summit to discuss ride-buying cancer rotting the sport

Formula 1 team chiefs will meet with the FIA in Switzerland next week to discuss a variety of key issues concerning the future of the sport, the governing body has confirmed to

The summit, scheduled to take place in Geneva on January 22, is expected to be focused on the regulations put forward at the end of the last year and the general direction in which the sport is heading.

Last month, Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo said that he wanted teams to meet "not to discuss a single point that maybe can give an advantage to one team or another, but to talk about the overall approach to F1."

Although a spokesman for the FIA was unable to divulge an agenda, the newly-proposed budget cap should feature high on the list, with the latest cost-cutting measure set for introduction ahead of the 2015 season.

Another key area of discussion has been the double points rule, which will see drivers take home twice the reward at the season-ending race from 2014 onwards, sparking outrage amongst the majority of fans.

On the following day, the World Motor Sport Council, which has the power to pass new regulations, will converge

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