Red Bull Ring Adds Additional Temporary Stands As It Prepares For F1 Comeback

Red Bull Ring

Construction work at the Red Bull Ring, which will host the Austrian F1 Grand Prix, "has been in full swing," according to Elisabeth Holzer of the KURIER. The work at the racetrack "is being conducted 24/7 in three shifts." Back when the racetrack was called ÖRing and A1-Ring, the circuit "had 19,000 permanent seats." The Red Bull Ring "has 6,000 more." And because Red Bull Owner Dietrich Mateschitz "is doing things in a big way, the racetrack is adding additional temporary stands."

Organizers "are expecting 225,000 spectators over the GP weekend and 500 million viewers on TV." In addition to the construction at the track, "the surrounding communities upgrade as well." A new hotel "will be opened at the end of May and another one will be renovated."

Spielberg Mayor Manfred Lenger said, "The engine for this region has always been the F1 racetrack. However, reducing it only to F1 is not enough." The circuit "is being upgraded for year-round operation." Lenger added, "Truck Grand Prix, DTM (German Touring Car Championship), music festivals and biathlon. Actually every day something is happening here. It would be nice if appropriate companies would settle here." Kurier

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