Former F1 designer Sergio Rinland joins Puma for 2014 Auto GP season

Former Formula 1 designer Sergio Rinland has been recruited as a partner by new Auto GP outfit Puma 3 M-Sport.

Rinland will take control of the team's operations and lead its car development ahead of what will be its first campaign in the series.

He was present when the team completed its first run at Vallelunga last month.

Rinland has more than 30 years of experience in motorsport, working for a variety of F1 teams including Brabham, Benetton and Sauber.

He was the designer of Brabham BT56 and BT58 – which between them captured three grand prix podiums – as well as the BT59 and BT60.

He also penned designs for Scuderia Italia and Fondmetal, worked for Benetton between 1996 and '99 and was then the chief designer of the Sauber C20 with which Nick Heidfeld scored his first grand prix podium at Interlagos in 2001.

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