Lucas di Grassi terminates Formula E test job to become a driver

Announced as first test and development driver of Formula E, Lucas di Grassi became an ambassador for the fully-electric championship. After driving a handful laps with the Spark-Renault SRT_01E car, the Brazilian former Formula 1 driver terminates his test job to become a Formula E race driver during the first year, starting in September 2014.

According to, the FIA decided that test drivers will not being allowed to race during the first year because of the advantage a race driver would have. “When I heard this news, I immediately terminated my test job. I want to race!" said Di Grassi to German media.

The first official test with the car was completed by the 29-year old driver, but that shouldn’t bring his ambitions in jeopardy. “I moved the car, but we mainly checked the systems. That’s all." The car was not equipped with the latest technology: the battery was much smaller and performance was limited.

Lucas di Grassi is strongly linked to ABT Formula E Team, which is supported by Audi Sport. And let he be by chance a member of the Audi family…

The question remains if Takuma Sato, recently appointed as a development driver, will decide the same.

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