Humpy Wheeler’s Brainchild, Speedway Benefits, Translates into Millions for Potential Sponsors

In just 45 business days, a unique idea that could save many of the nation’s grassroots racetracks was born, and the results have been sensational.

The idea was created by NASCAR legend Humpy Wheeler and his son Trip. It was simple: amass as many grassroots racetracks as possible and pool them together to sell advertising and collectively buy the products they use most.

Speedway Benefits, LLC has already signed close to 300 tracks translating to an annual attendance of over 12,000,000 fans. Members include many of the top tracks in the nation: Marshalltown Speedway, IA, Maryland International Raceway, MD, Lernerville Speedway, PA and Caraway Speedway, NC.

“This proves the idea was sound and greatly needed," Trip Wheeler, a 20 year motorsports sales veteran, said. “We are signing up tracks as fast as our seven person staff can handle. You’d never know it, but Humpy is a great paralegal. While we will eventually get to 500 or even 1,000 tracks next year, the attendance our member tracks represent now makes us very appealing to global companies."

Wheeler said he has already contacted major advertisers, and they are excited that someone has developed a program that makes marketing to track attendees so simple. Speedway Benefits aligns the sports’ 24,000 events, 30,000 employees and 600,000 competitors across multiple series and sanctions, hosted at the 1,000+ grassroots tracks in the U.S. and Canada, into 1MOTORSPORT. For the first time ever, large brands are able to exploit the power of this newly united platform. Sponsors interested in more information regarding 1MOTORSPORT are encouraged to visit to download a more detailed overview.

“The proposition is simple. We harness the buying power of member tracks to generate instant positive return for sponsors. Converting at even a 1% rate can generate millions of dollars in new revenue for partners. With more than $18 million of track purchasing in categories like beer, soda and home improvement, and $8 billion in consumer spending in the same verticals, potential sponsors should be eager to get started.

This may be one of the best sponsorship opportunities in sports because the scale is so large and the tracks are eager to work with new partners. It’s projects like this that make me happy I chose motorsports over banking," said Trip Wheeler.

Tracks interested in joining Speedway Benefits, and taking advantage of the massive buying power and sponsorship opportunities that 1MOTORSPORT will secure, are asked to make a five-year commitment. There is no cost to join, and tracks can decide which opportunities to opt into or out of. Tracks may join

Representatives from Speedway Benefits are participating in the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show in Indianapolis, IN this week (Booth #8323) and will be on hand to answer questions, speak with potential business partners and assist interested racetracks in joining.

For more information about Speedway Benefits, please visit

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