New book out: Zapped by Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson’s new eBook novel, ZAPPED, is an exciting and dramatic story of the real probability of high level electronic interference with the performance of Formula One cars during their fight for World Championship honors. Set in the world of modern Grand Prix racing, with a cast of characters that epitomize the skills, will-to-win and emotions of the sport, and also the greed, ego and ambitions of some of the people at its heart, Wilson exposes the very real threat of the technology that drives the sport being used to decimate it’s very future.

Set against the backdrop of current Grand Prix racing, the story follows a talented electronics expert who joins a Grand Prix team and discovers that cars in the World Championship are being affected by unexplained cyber-attacks which decimate their performance. The high-intensity electronics at play suggest near-warfare levels of technology that draws the American military into the search for the source and solution. All the while the World Championship chase rushes to a climax at the Brazilian Grand Prix, where the greed, ego and ambitions of a few people at the center of the sport threaten to unravel its very existence.

Zapped is a beautifully written masterpiece of sheer cleverness, accuracy and originality. It is a "must read" for everyone who has ever experienced even the vaguest interest in Formula One. In his very first novel Alan Wilson has already established himself as a more eloquent and imaginative Dick Francis of motor racing. JOHN WEBB. Former Managing Director MCD Ltd. Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Oulton Park and Mallory Park.

This book is terrific. All the insider detail, the teams, cars….I stand in awe of it. The plot is exciting and the author has used or invented technology accurately and cleverly. His detail of tracks and locations is superb. I especially liked the trip to Monza by Lake Como. He nailed the beauty of that journey. This was such a fun and educational read for me. LC

I have just finished reading "Zapped" and am absolutely gobsmacked. The writer’s intimate knowledge of the technology involved reminds me more of a Tom Clancy publication! I am filled with admiration, particularly the conclusive statements from the President of CAS at the end. The door has been nicely left open for a follow up. AW

ALAN WILSON has been involved in motorsports for more than forty years, as a journalist, car and motorcycle competitor, major International car and motorcycle event organizer and promoter, race track operator, race series developer and presenter, and as an internationally recognized race track designer with more than thirty facilities built. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the sport and brings extensive experience and understanding of its history and character to his work, much of it derived from nearly forty years of supporting his wife Desiré through her international racing career.

He has previously authored a biography of his racer wife, Driven by Desire – The Desiré Wilson Story, published by Veloce.


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