Miles doesn’t eat his own Purina

A reader writes, Dear, I almost barfed when I read this quote by Mark Miles, “I think it's good for IMS and good for IndyCar because it's going to get us a whole lot more eyeballs," said Miles, president and CEO of Hulman & Company when talking about putting all the Indy Speedway races and qualifying on ABC.

"We think we've put together a good lineup with our TV partners and I'm especially happy with how May turned out. I think it's important for us to focus on all the things we can do to promote our drivers and racing during our biggest month."

Apparently Mr. Miles doesn't eat his own dog food. He says it's great that his races (the ones at Indy Speedway) are on ABC, but it's OK if all the other races have to be burdened with the low TV ratings of NBCSN? So he admits it's great that his races are on ABC but I guess he doesn't care that the rest of the races are basically invisible on NBCSN. Talk about a double standard. And you wonder why the series is going down the tubes? The sooner IndyCar is sold to the France family the better. The Hulman George family has no clue how to grow a dying race series. None. Mordichai Rosen, Los Angeles, CA.

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