NASCAR’s Purchase Of Iowa Speedway Raises Some Eyebrows In Industry

NASCAR last week was identified as the buyer of Iowa Speedway, and the purchase "had to raise industry-wide eyebrows" as the track has been "critically acclaimed but, apparently, financially strapped," according to Ken Willis of the Daytona Beach NEWS-JOURNAL.

Iowa Speedway hosts three NASCAR-sanctioned events, and since NASCAR "obviously schedules those events, the conflict-of-interest guardians must be wondering why NASCAR would make a purchase that will eventually lead them into such a legal minefield."

Willis: "Best guess from this angle: It's a short-term deal, a move to solidify Iowa Speedway's treasury for a while until another buyer can be found." NASCAR is making "the surprising purchase" instead of Int'l Speedway Corp. because ISC stockholders "might not jump at the news of a new track purchase at a time when so much is being spent" on the Daytona Rising project at Daytona Int'l Speedway. Willis wrote, "When all is said and done, the Iowa Speedway purchase will make sense. Releasing the news the day before Thanksgiving? Stumped on that one?" Daytona Beach NEWS-JOURNAL

[Editor's Note: Don't be stumped. NASCAR's goal is to monopolize racing in the USA and put IndyCar out of business. Anyone who doesn't see that has their head stuck in the sand. This move was to ensure the IndyCar race at Iowa speedway dies. And it will die. Give it a few years. History does indeed repeat itself. On the flipside, does the IndyCar fan base and sponsors really give a hoot about racing in the cornfields of Iowa? Not the best place to entertain corporate guests.]

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