McLaren Opens Doors To Its Technology Center To Google Street View

The McLaren F1 team does not open its headquarters to the public, but as part of its 50th anniversary, McLaren has teamed with Google to map out the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, U.K. for fans to view online. McLaren has allowed Google to bring its Street View cameras to the facility to give the public a view of the building online. One of the main attractions of the online tour will be a selection of iconic race cars on display, including Bruce McLaren's first car. The tour also includes F1 cars from each decade since its first Grand Prix in '66. The facility can be viewed in Google Street View at McLaren.

NBC's Keith Collantine wrote on "Motor Sports Talk" that the facility "has been likened to a James Bond villain’s lair and contains some of the greatest and most innovative racing cars ever built." Collantine added, "McLaren’s enormous trophy cabinet is also on view, teeming with hardware from the world’s greatest race. Though not, of course, any from their disappointing podium-free 2013 campaign." NBC

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