IndyCar, O2 Racing Technology Announce Resolution from Milwaukee 2011

INDYCAR, the sanctioning body of Firestone Indy Lights, and Mark Olson, owner of O2 Racing Technology, announced today that they have reached a resolution regarding issues arising during The Milwaukee Mile event June 18-19, 2011.

“Upon careful consideration of the facts involved, I believe it’s time that the disagreement with Mark Olson and O2 Racing Technologies be resolved and we wipe the slate clean. Regrettably it’s taken so long to sort this out. I appreciate the passion and commitment that the all drivers and team owners bring to the sport, and Mark is no exception. Indy Lights is committed to work closer together with our team owners in the future to build and maintain a robust championship for decades to come. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark and know he is the type of business owner we would welcome in the series," said Derrick Walker, President of Competition and Operations, INDYCAR.

Mark Olson (2008 driver and team owner from 2009 to present) states, “I am grateful to the leadership of INDYCAR for their absolute commitment to doing the right thing for both the sport, as well as for their team owners and their drivers. Speaking as both a fan and as a participant, INDYCAR is a great property and it’s been a lifelong dream to play even a small part. I look forward to opportunities to work together in the future."

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