Helton Hints At Sprint Cup Schedule Change In ’15 Season

NASCAR President Mike Helton on Friday "appeared open to a long-awaited revamp of the Sprint Cup Series schedule," saying that the "arrival of television partner NBC in 2015 … could coincide with a different-looking schedule after next year's version," according to Jeff Gluck of USA TODAY. Helton, speaking at NASCAR's season-ending press conference, said, "While we may not think it needs to be tweaked or changed, others (in the industry) have influence on our decision to make it better. And certainly we keep an open mind of that." USATODAY.com.

FOXSPORTS.com's Lee Spencer wrote the "underlying message in Helton’s words was the collaborative shift must continue in NASCAR." It is the "open exchange of ideas between the sanctioning body, shareholders and fans that will allow the sport to persevere for generations to come." The dialogue between NASCAR and its competitors "has never been stronger." Helton: "You've seen over the last few years a broadening of our leadership and then more engagement … where the business of NASCAR has more people involved in it to help the industry be better." Helton also touched on NASCAR's "new crop of young guns," and the sport's "dedication to improving the product." He discussed "putting the best track forward," and listening to the fans. FOXSPORTS.com

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