Ricciardo: F1 is in bad shape

Daniel Ricciardo has confirmed that Kimi Raikkonen is not the only driver who hasn't been paid by his team, adding that F1 is "not in the best shape."

The news of Raikkonen's lack of salary hit the headlines in Abu Dhabi when the Lotus driver threatened to boycott the final two races unless he was paid.

Quantum Motorsports, the investment group that is purchasing a stake in the Lotus, prevented disaster when they worked out a deal with the Finn and his manager.

However, Raikkonen is not the only driver who hasn't been paid.

Toro Rosso driver Ricciardo revealed that the topic was discussed during a Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) meeting with the drivers feeling that F1 needs to take action.

"It's not a nice situation to be in and he is a World Champion for crying out loud, he should be getting paid, it's as simple as that," the Aussie told ESPNF1.

"Obviously some teams are in some financial difficulties which is not nice to see either, but these are things they have to look at at the start of the year and say 'this is what we're going to turnover and this is what we've put in the drivers' contract'. If you put it in there then you need to make sure you're fulfilling that.

"Obviously it's not a nice place to be and unfortunately I don't think he's the only one. This is the top of motorsport in the world and if a driver like Raikkonen is not getting paid then the sport is not in the best shape.

"So it's something that needs to be addressed and obviously for the drivers that are in his position I feel for them; we have to find a solution as a group. Even the GPDA discuss these things, something would need to be done."

Pressed on the discussions, Ricciardo said: "Not specifics, but we're aware that more than one driver … expectations haven't been met or promises haven't been kept." Planet F1

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