Ecclestone Dismisses Accusations By German Banker In London’s High Court (Update)


when it comes to business deals, no one can beat Bernie Ecclestone

In London, Tom Cary reported it emerged in court that Gribkowsky at one stage "felt so threatened" by Ecclestone that he "went to the police to register his concerns." Referring to a witness statement given to Munich police in Dec. '04, Philip Marshall QC, representing Constantin Medien, suggested to Ecclestone that Gribkowsky appeared to be "concerned by a physical threat from you" at the time. TELEGRAPH

11/07/13 F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone "laughed off suggestions" that he "frightened a German banker into fleeing to the police to protect himself," according to Kevin Eason of the LONDON TIMES.

The High Court in London was told that banker Gerhard Gribkowsky "went to the police in Munich claiming that he was being intimidated" by Ecclestone. Ecclestone joked that Gribkowsky "had even asked for a license to carry a gun." It was a "light-hearted aside" in a second day of questioning of F1’s CEO over the sale of the F1 business in '06 to CVC Capital Partners. Ecclestone and three others "are facing a claim" for $140M in damages from Constantin Medien. The hearing centered around Ecclestone’s "determination to cling on to control and to prevent the banks from moving into the F1 business."

Ecclestone said he “didn’t care" who was on the board or who the members were, but added, “I don’t work alongside anyone. I do the job exactly the way I like to do it. If the banks had tried to run the business, there would have been no business. That is not an arrogant position, that is a fact." LONDON TIMES

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