Biffle tweets apology for confrontation with Jimmie Johnson

A few hours after confronting Jimmie Johnson on pit road after Sunday’s race at Martinsville, Greg Biffle tweeted an apology for lashing out at Johnson.

Greg Biffle was furious with Jimmie Johnson after Sunday’s race, confronting him on pit road after the two made contact on the track. Biffle grabbed Johnson while he was doing post race interviews, gave him a slight shove and yelled, “Hey, you tore my rear bumper off, you (expletive)." After the two had words, Biffle issued a stern warning: “If he’s running for the title, he better not tear my rear bumper cover off because that will be the last race he finishes." But a few hours later, Biffle tweeted an apology for confronting Johnson. He also got some good-natured ribbing — and support — from fans over the incident.

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