Can racing in the USA be fixed?

A reader asks, Dear, Back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, racing was a niche sport. Tony George had a vision, the France family had expensive habits and they both tried to make racing a main stream sport. The IndyCar story has been told many times and destroyed open wheel racing. The France family obviously did a better job, but then greed took over and sponsorship got expensive and the average fan could no longer afford to attend an event.

The IndyCar race Saturday night has enough seats available to invite a medium size city. The NASCAR race at Talladega had a large number of empty sections.

I wonder what the vision is? Tim DeCesaro

Dear Tim, laid out the only possible solution, but the powers to be think they know better and will continue to run the sport into the ground because they don't yet realized the root cause of the problem. It's all spelled out in that 2-part article. Mark C.

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