GoDaddy leaving IndyCar, but will stick with Danica

With its 0.1 TV ratings GoDaddy is one of many sponsors leaving the IndyCar paddock. If you add up the lost sponsorship dollars it far exceeds the check IndyCar is pocketing from NBC Sports Network. Remember CART was getting too big, threatening to overshadow the Indy 500. With this happening it helps to ensure the series stays miniscule and never threatens the Indy 500 in popularity again.

Andretti Autosport will announce a new primary sponsor Saturday to replace GoDaddy next season on the car currently driven by James Hinchcliffe. As GoDaddy prepares for a global launch next year its spending allocation had to be re-evaluated. GoDaddy currently sponsors #10-Danica Patrick in NASCAR and Hinchcliffe in IndyCar, and [CEO Blake Irving] Irving decided IndyCar didn't make fiscal sense (how can it with 0.1 TV ratings?).

"We looked at our customer acquisition costs and it's an audience size issue," Irving said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "The customer acquisition costs between the web, between regular TV and between NASCAR and IndyCar, IndyCar is the most expensive acquisition vehicle we have. It was pretty expensive on a per customer cost."

Despite the decision to leave IndyCar, Irving, who took over as CEO in January, said NASCAR remains a valuable market for GoDaddy. He also said the company is thrilled with its relationship with Patrick. "We frankly love Danica and think that Danica represents and personifies what GoDaddy represents – small businesses and people who have ideas," Irving said.

"Here's a woman who had an idea and went through the challenges to become a driver in a male dominated sport. She represents the idea that the totally impossible is possible and we love that kind of person. She's going to be with us for an awful, awful long time." Associated Press

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