I raced, too: Buddy Arrington

A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, I really enjoyed your story on Buddy Arrington. I leased Buddy his Amoco service station in the 1960's . I was told by my supervisor never to lease a service station to a race car driver because it would never be clean.

Buddy kept his station cleaner than any of the 15 other stations I was responsible for as a Sales Representative for The American Oil Co. He allowed kids to come in and see the race car, but they had to leave after just 15 minutes. Buddy was one of the best dealers I had.

In his 2nd year of racing at Daytona, I drove his dad to the race. Buddy sold his car before the start of the race. We told the buyers that I was a part owner, and I checked on the validity of the Western Union money orders that they gave us on race day as the car sat on the track. The new owners then won enough money to buy the trailer from Buddy to haul the car. Sent from my iPad, Ron Lykens

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