Infection caused Stewart’s latest surgery

Tony Stewart says he's eager for his doctor's appointment Wednesday to see how an infection that has sidetracked his recovery is healing. Stewart said in a video chat Tuesday night on that the third surgery on his broken right leg Oct. 7 was because of the infection. "That was the biggest thing they talked about after the surgery,'' said Stewart, who had two surgeries shortly after he broke his right leg in a sprint car crash Aug. 5 in Iowa.

"I was more worried about bones healing and skin healing. The doctor was more worried about infection and really said the first two months were kind of the critical time. We were at the end of that two months for the most part and, all of a sudden, a spot popped up that was infected and that caused the surgery last week. I went from starting to walk again – not great, not just walking around the house like normal, but I could take eight or 10 steps at a time – to having to spend the majority of the day again (after the surgery) laying down."

Stewart said he's thought about Wednesday's doctor visit for the last three days. He's curious to see how his leg is healing since the infected area has been wrapped. "I'm really looking forward to getting back to physical therapy again and starting to get back on my feet again," he said. Motor Racing Network

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