Houston IndyCar TV Ratings (3rd Update)

UPDATE #3 For races on NBCSN/Versus here are the average number of viewers over the last 5 years. The trend is downward. The noose tightens.


10/10/13 A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, Was a 0.1 TV Rating what Tony George envisioned when he created the IRL, split the sport and destroyed it. Given the 0.1 rating perhaps the IRL should be the .1RL. Dan Black, Chicago

10/10/13 Compare the IndyCar TV ratings below to the NASCAR TV ratings this past weekend. And you wonder why AR1.com recommends the Hulman George family sell the IndyCar series to NASCAR? NASCAR knows how to run a successful race series and they have the TV deals IndyCar needs to thrive.

Just when you thought it could not get any worse, it did. TV ratings on NBC Sports Network are killing IndyCar racing (the noose around its neck) and they reached all-time lows in Houston. And the series does not care as long as they are collecting their big check from NBC.

Houston Race 1 on Saturday only had 163,0000 viewers tuned in
Houston Race 2 on Sunday only had 161,000 viewers tuned in.

You can run an infomercial on Keopectate on ESPN and get more viewers than that. AR1.com has stated that IndyCar should run, not walk to ABC/ESPN. They should move all their races to that one platform before NASCAR swamps them on NBC. ESPN does a lot of cross promotion of their broadcasts on all their media outlets. ABC/ESPN will not have any other motorsports per se and can focus on IndyCar. On NBC Sports Network IndyCar will be a blemish on NASCAR's posterior.

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