Would the Houston fence post have killed Franchitti a la Wheldon?

Canopy concept

With no closed cockpits as long proposed by AR1.com, IndyCar is lucky Dario Franchitti did not go into the fence posts head first in Houston. If he had IndyCar may have had the death of another of their superstars on their hands – blunt force trauma to the head. It's like rolling the dice. Let's hope they don't come up snake eyes anytime soon.

As for this ugly pontoon appendages hanging off the back of the Dallara IndyCar – time to get rid of them. They don't do their job. This is not the first time a car went up and over the car in front since those costly things have been added. We wonder if they are there so Dallara can charge the teams more money in the initial purchase of the car as well as replacements when they break.

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