Cheating MWR hoping to unveil new plan soon

Michael Waltrip Racing majority owner Rob Kauffman told on Sunday he hopes to unveil the company's reorganizational plan "relatively soon." The moves will come following MWR's penalties for attempts to manipulate the outcome of the Richmond International Raceway race on Sept. 7 and the subsequent announcement from NAPA to pull its sponsorship from the #56 Toyota team. "We're working on an announcement," Kauffman said.

"I think it's been a week since we last spoke, so we're trying to get it all together. But we have a couple of good options. I think rather than use the word "release,' I'd prefer to say allow guys to explore all their options – just as we're exploring all of our options.

"Is that exactly negative? I think it's the right thing to allow people to investigate all their options. A lot of these contracts have provisions that say "you can't speak to anyone.' So, technically, it's a release, but it's really more correct saying, "Look, there's a challenge here. We want you to investigate all your options. Of course, we're one and let's stay in close communication.' I don't think there's anything negative around it at all. It's just letting people figure it out." FoxSports

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