What IndyCar can learn from the movie Rush

Dear AR1.com, I don't if I would call Rush the greatest racing movie of all time but it's a movie worth watching. The movie was worth watching in terms of the head-to-head rivalry between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. It also talked about the dangers of Formula 1 during the 1970's in which they did a reenactment of the tragic death of Francois Cevert in 1973, and Niki Lauda's near death during the German Grand Prix in 1976. It also talked about the courage of Niki coming back from his accident only to lose the Championship by one point from playboy James Hunt in Japan under terrible wet conditions.

I have yet to watch the cartoon turbo but what IndyCar can learn from Rush is to have the reenactment of the rivalry that took place in 1985 between Al Unser Sr and his son Al Jr. when the two went head to head till the last race of the season in which Big Al won the series by 1 point. The championship battle was huge during the time IndyCar was popular under CART and trumped all the motorsports headlines. Other great rivalries include that between Mario Andretti and AJ Foyt in the 60s. I hope that somebody in the Hollywood industry would do a true story about either of these two rivalries. IndyCar needs a real movie, not a cartoon. Alistair, Springfield MO.

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