Mike Hull hammers IndyCar

Target Chip Ganassi Racing's Managing Director Mike Hull hammered IndyCar on 1260 AM Radio Station saying the controversy around the Scott Dixon penalty at Sonoma for hitting Penske Racing's crew members has brought more media attention to the series than anything the series does to promote itself. We were on all three network morning shows. We made network for the wrong reasons.

"The marketing side of this business needs a big kick to get us moving forward so we can be seen. I am not a marketing guy, I am a racing guy. They have been talking about the Boston Consulting Group this and the Baltimore Consulting group that.

"They have been talking this for a year, but we still have only 100,000 people watching us on NBC Sports. We have no promotion of our series. We have to get off dead center because this product is too good to miss. We are missing a huge opportunity here because no one is watching." [Editor's Note: AR1.com has called NBC Sports Network as the noose around IndyCar's neck and that IndyCar should break the contract and move all its races to ABC and ESPN.]

He also went on to hammer IndyCar's officiating, "we had this honeymoon period where we thought the officiating was going to be improved (with Barfield replacing Barnhart), but most of us now cannot wait for the divorce."

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