Hembery Calls Contract Negotiations Bizarre, Says F1 Could Quit Deal

F1 tire supplier Pirelli Motorsport Dir Paul Hembery "has described the Formula 1 tire contract situation as 'bizarre,'" according to Noble & Elizalde of AUTOSPORT.

Pirelli has "been eager to finalize a new F1 supply deal for next year as its current contract runs out at the end of 2013."

Hembery went "as far as saying Pirelli could quit F1 if no deal was agreed quickly." Although Pirelli is "understood to have agreed a commercial deal with most teams," there has been no news from motorsports governing body FIA. Hembery: "It is the most bizarre situation. We have agreements in place with the vast majority of people involved, but there is not a clearly defined process." Autosport

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