The noose REALLY tightens on IndyCar’s neck (Mid-Ohio TV Rating 2nd Update)

UPDATE #2 Correction, while the rating was still a 0.1, 100,000 were tuned in for the pre-race show, it went up to 195,000 during the race and then down to 121,000 for the post-race show. The IndyCar 36 show had a 0.0 rating with 30,000 tuned in. IndyCar qualifying on Saturday drew a 0.1 rating with 138,000 tuned in.

08/09/13 Just when you thought it could not get worse, it did. The final TV rating for the Mid-Ohio IndyCar race on the NBC Sports Network was a 0.1 with only 100,000 viewers tuned in, perhaps the lowest rating ever in the history of the series. That is lower than even the worse infomercial. Either IndyCar is going to kill that contract and do a deal for all their races on ABC and ESPN, sell the series to NASCAR, or hang a slow painful death.

08/09/13 The final TV rating for last Sunday's IndyCar race at Mid-Ohio on NBC Sports Network was so low it didn't break the top-50 for the day (that is day, not week). The lowest rating we have from last Sunday was a 0.3 for 'Diners, Drive- ins and Dives' on the Food Network, so it was south of that, perhaps too low to even measure. If we get the exact number we'll post it, but rest assured it won't be pretty as the noose continues to tighten around IndyCar's neck. Everyone can see it but them.

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