No date set for Lowe’s take over at Mercedes

Ross Brawn insists that no date has been set for Paddy Lowe to take over his role in charge of the Mercedes F1 team, with any handover of control set to take place gradually over time.

Lowe joined the team to work alongside Brawn in part of an extensive technical line-up that also includes Bob Bell, Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis.

Many have suggested that Lowe had been hired to eventually replace Brawn in his position as team boss and while he admitted that there would come a time when some of his duties would pass to the former McLaren man, Brawn said it would be a gradual move.

"There will be a point in the future when some of the responsibilities I have will be handled by Paddy," Brawn was quoted as saying by ESPN. "But it won't be an abrupt stop and an abrupt start.

"Paddy and I have known each other for a very long time and we're working on the things where he can make a real contribution to the team. He's started to pick up some of those things and at some point in the future he will take on more responsibility.

"He joined the team earlier than we anticipated, but it will evolve in a way that is most positive for the team. We won't do anything that risks the potential of the team and I imagine that over the next year to 18 months things will evolve. But there is no firm time scale."

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