F1 costs are a runaway train wreck

Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost has revealed that F1 teams face a "15, 20 million" increase in costs next season.

Next year's Championship will see the beginning of a new era for Formula One as the sport welcomes the new 1.6-litre turbocharged engines that will replace the current V8s.

The new units, which are expected to come with a massive price increase, will change the design of the cars meaning even spending more money for the teams.

"There is no cost-cutting in Formula One," Tost told ESPNF1. "Formula One is expensive, we all know that. Next year we will have an increase of – I don't know – 15, 20 million and that's reality."

And the Toro Rosso boss fears the rising costs are fast getting out of control.

"As long as the cars are on the starting grid, as long as we are racing, this is the reality of Formula One, yeah?" he said.

"Nevertheless, we should think how we could come down with the costs but if I look at next year, what has been decided is we get a new power unit package, which is more expensive than the current one and we've brought back testing, which costs even more money. That means we are discussing different directions.

"The most efficient cost-cutting was from 2009, 2010 when we said 'OK, we don't do any more testing' and when the engines were frozen, no development on this side, that meant that engine costs came down and during the last years everything was quite stable.

"But next year, I'm worried about the costs because they are simply running away." ESPNF1

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