IndyCar Milwaukee TV Rating

IndyCar ratings are dropping like a lead sinker because the series is no longer relevant to the youth of this country. NBC Sports Network averaged a pathetic 196,000 viewers Saturday’s IndyCar race at Milwaukee, the lowest TV audience for an IndyCar race since 194,000 watched a race at Edmonton last July. Series officials point to slightly improved ratings for races shown on ABC – a broadcast network instead of a cable network – including a 1.4 final rating for a prime-time broadcast June 8 at Texas Motor Speedway.

Sunday’s race in Newton will be shown on ABC, and IndyCar officials will be watching the numbers closely, just as they’ll be monitoring the release of the film. Belskus says exit polling will provide important data about who watched the film and whether it might entice them to attend the Indy 500 or another IndyCar race.

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