F1 Would Have 4th-Best GDP As A Nation

F1 is the world's fourth-largest economy, according to Ted Macauley of GULF NEWS. If F1 were a nation, "rather than a 200-meter long avenue of trucks, motorhomes, stacks of tires and hospitality units, it would be a global superpower." A study by the Int'l Monetary Fund made "this amazing revelation."

If F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone's pride and joy was a static country instead of a moveable feast, it would have a GDP figure "to boost it into the top four nations in the world." If added together, the turnover from the 200-plus who are financially committed to F1 would have a combined wealth amounting to $3.79T. That's a GDP just behind China ($4.91T) but ahead of Germany ($3.35T), France ($2.68T) and the U.K. ($2.18T). Gulf News

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