Making IndyCar relevant again (Update)

UPDATE Another reader writes, Dear, You guys are the best in the business. Worth every penny I pay you for my subscription. Your latest article by Brian Carroccio on Making IndyCar Relevant Again is pure genius. I think it is the only way IndyCar racing, as well as the entire automotive industry is ever going to connect with the younger generation. I would love to see each high school field a 4 or 5 car go-kart team and race against other local high schools with regional and national championships. And then in college I would love to see the college teams field at a minimum 4 or 5 USF2000 teams. The car manufacturers can slap their names on the cars in the form of sponsorship money. The young generation would once again fall in love with the automobile and IndyCar may actually be relevant again. Pure genius. Bravo to you guys. Jim Mantz

06/19/13 A reader writes, Dear Brian, Regarding your article Making IndyCar Relevant Again, I agree, I've seen the indifference (at best) to cars in Generation Y; e.g., my 26 year old son didn't bother to get his driver's license until he was 19.

Your idea of making racing a school-sponsored sport is a good one–did you know about Formula SAE?
The SAE series emphasizes design more than racing per se, but the competition is among college teams. It's worth a look…Herb Hwang

Dear Herb, Yes, we are aware of the Formula SAE series but as you say that is more a design endeavor for engineering students, versus making racing a 'sport' that the NCAA recognizes as such. It is about the physical ability of the athlete (the driver) rather than an engineer exercise. Both are worthy causes, but we think making racing a 'sport' along all the other stick and ball sports in high school and college is key to making IndyCar relevant again with the 'masses.' Mark C. Editor

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