IndyCar Texas and Canadian GP TV Ratings (2nd Update)

UPDATE #2 The final TV rating for the Canadian GP from Montreal on NBC was a 0.7 with 950,000 tuned in to watch. So as boring as the IndyCar race from Texas was on Saturday night on ABC, it did draw more viewers. However, even combined, NASCAR far outdraws them, with a 2.8 rating and 4.4 million viewers on a cable TV channel (vs. network TV for IndyCar and F1).

06/14/13 The IndyCar Series Firestone 550 from Texas earned a 1.0 final rating and 1.4 million viewers on ABC Saturday night, up 233% in ratings and 263% in viewership from last year’s race on NBC Sports Network (0.3, 384K).

Excluding the Indy 500, the 1.0 rating for this year’s race is tied as the highest for an IndyCar Series race on ABC* since the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg in March 2011 (1.2).

Saturday’s race faced competition from the NHL playoffs on NBC, Major League Baseball on FOX, and the NASCAR Nationwide Series on ESPN. The Nationwide Series race from Iowa was rained out, but ESPN’s coverage still earned a 0.7 U.S. rating and 808,000 viewers.

06/10/13 Proving's theory that it's TV ratings would be much better for the Indy 500 if the race were broadcast in prime time on ABC on Saturday night, the overnight TV rating for the Firestone 500 (Texas) on ABC was a 1.1, or almost 1.4 million viewers, up from last year which drew 384,000 viewers on NBC Sports Network (you know, the network that is the noose around IndyCar's neck).

The overnight TV rating for the Canadian GP on NBC Sunday afternoon was a 0.9, up from a 0.8 last year on FOX.

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