Korjus sets the early pace in Valencia GP3 Practice

Rookie Korjus took first blood in Valencia by recording the best lap in Free Practice which was two tenths faster than Carlin’s Nick Yelloly and Jenzer Motorsport’s Patric Niederhauser. Korjus’ lap time was 4.3s quicker than the fastest time set at the circuit in 2012 with the previous generation car.

Glorious weather set the scene for Free Practice for Round 2 of the GP3 season in Valencia, Spain. Circuit Ricardo Tormo hosts this weekend’s standalone event which sees a different timetable with the event run over two days with both Race 1 and Race 2 taking place on Sunday.

The full grid of 27 drivers made their way onto the track for their installation laps under the intense heat with some teams focusing on aerodynamic tests. ART Grand Prix’s Conor Daly set the initial pace, the first driver to lap in the 1m22s. MW Arden’s Daniil Kvyat and Marussia Manor Racing’s Tio Ellinas both went quicker, the Russian driver a mere five thousandths faster than the Cypriot to head the standings.

At the midway point, Estonian Korjus posted a 1:22.058 to go top with Yelloly and Niederhauser a few tenths off. The drivers began to find their limits in preparation for the upcoming qualifying session with small off-track moments for Daly, Ellinas, Korjus and Alex Fontana (Jenzer Motorsport).

Carlin’s Eric Lichtenstein stopped on circuit as the checkered flag came out. Korjus ended the session fastest, ahead of Yelloly, Niederhauser, Carlos Sainz (MW Arden), Lewis Williamson (Bamboo Engineering), Aaro Vainio (Koiranen GP), Ellinas, Kvyat, Facu Regalia (ART Grand Prix) and Daly.

Qualifying takes places later today at 14.30 CET.

Free Practice

Pos Driver Team Time Laps
1. Kevin Korjus Koiranen GP 1:22.058 16
2. Nick Yelloly Carlin 1:22.305 19
3. Patric Niederhauser Jenzer Motorsport 1:22.388 18
4. Carlos Sainz MW Arden 1:22.449 20
5. Lewis Williamson Bamboo Engineering 1:22.496 21
6. Aaro Vainio Koiranen GP 1:22.552 19
7. Tio Ellinas Marussia Manor Racing 1:22.705 21
8. Daniil Kvyat MW Arden 1:22.774 19
9. Facu Regalia ART Grand Prix 1:22.883 21
10. Conor Daly ART Grand Prix 1:22.962 20
11. David Fumanelli Trident 1:23.039 18
12. Adderly Fong Status Grand Prix 1:23.050 22
13. Alex Fontana Jenzer Motorsport 1:23.052 20
14. Jack Harvey ART Grand Prix 1:23.180 22
15. Melville McKee Bamboo Engineering 1:23.181 22
16. Robert Visoiu MW Arden 1:23.187 20
17. Eric Lichtenstein Carlin 1:23.206 20
18. Luis Sa Silva Carlin 1:23.366 21
19. Emanuele Zonzini Trident 1:23.399 19
20. Giovanni Venturini Trident 1:23.405 20
21. Dino Zamparelli Marussia Manor Racing 1:23.471 19
22. Patrick Kujala Koiranen GP 1:24.084 18
23. Samin Gomez Jenzer Motorsport 1:24.098 19
24. Josh Webster Status Grand Prix 1:24.392 21
25. Jimmy Eriksson Status Grand Prix 1:24.421 23
26. Carmen Jorda Bamboo Engineering 1:24.493 22
27. Ryan Cullen Marussia Manor Racing 1:25.264 21

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