Andrettis have local sandwiches created for them

Mario shows off one of his sandwiches

Mario Andretti knows racing. He also knows when he’s hungry. The Andretti patriarch, son Michael and grandson Marco were honored Friday with a trio of sandwiches created by local sub shop chain Weinberger’s Deli called “The Andretti Green, White and Checkered."

“Thumbs up," said Mario, about his “Green Sub," which featured strips of capicola, mortadella, genoa, salami, black and green olives, mozzarella cheese, pepperoncini, artichokes, banana peppers, red peppers, button mushrooms, romaine lettuce, red onion and chopped sun dried tomato served on a hoagie.

Mario Andretti
Tim Wohlford/

“And I’m taking this with me."

The sandwiches are a speedway tradition in the media center. Weinberger’s has previously created sandwiches inspired by Darrell Waltrip and Matt Kenseth, among others.

“Pretty good," Marco said. “Just don’t know if I could eat a footlong just before I drive around the banking over there."

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