More cautions in Sprint Cup races this season

NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers have crashed more often this season than at this point in each of the past two years as they continue to understand the new car. Such incidents also have led to significantly more cautions than a year ago and changed the racing. Through 13 races this season:

– There have been 52 cautions for accidents according to NASCAR race reports.
There were 29 cautions for accidents at this time last year. In 2011, there were 51 cautions for accidents.
– There have been 28 cautions for multi-car accidents compared to 17 last year.
– There have been 68 cautions for accidents and spins this year. That total was 36 a year ago.
– Ten of the 13 tracks had more accidents this year than in last year's race.
– There have been 104 cautions this season compared to 73 at this time last year. (See full post at Motor Racing Network)

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