NASCAR Dover TV rating dwarfs IndyCar

UPDATE NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing on FOX concluded its 2013 campaign with a 3.8/9 (6.0 million viewers) final rating on Sunday afternoon for the FEDEX 400 from Dover. That's up +3% over last year's final of 3.7/9 (5.7 million viewers) for the same race and ranked as the highest-rated and most-watched event of the day.

06/03/13 The overnight ratings for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race Sunday from Dover on Fox was a 3.5, dwarfing the 0.7 and 0.8 ratings the two IndyCar races in Detroit got on ABC. However, while the IndyCar TV ratings are up, the NASCAR rating is down 10% from last year and the attendance was also way down from year's past.

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