MAVTV joins Direct TV lineup

MAVTV, America's fastest-growing independent cable network, announced today that it will join the DIRECTV line-up starting June 10 on Channel 219 between the Golf Channel (218) and NBC Sports (220). Since taking control of the Network in September of 2011, owner Lucas Oil Products, Inc has added 22 million American households to its original four million for a total of 26 million. MAVTV American Real expects to top 30 million households by the end of 2013.

With a full schedule of more than 40 programs, ranging from the best in motorsports to original programming and classic films, MAVTV focuses on American families who have an appetite for action and adventure.

Bob Patison, President of MAVTV, explains that there is currently a gap in available high energy programming and a huge audience hungering for it. According to Patison, MAVTV brings DIRECTV subscribers programming they won't find anywhere else. "With the recent rebranding of SPEEDTV to Fox Sports 1, MAVTV is now the must-have network for racing and motorsports fans. MAVTV offers the widest coverage of grassroots racing and special events on every surface, including Endurocross, Late Model Dirt, Off Road, Red Bull World Rally, Chili Bowl, Pro Pulling League, Drag Boat Racing and more."

MAVTV has also struck a long-term deal with the world-renowned MMA cage fighting series King of the Cage which brings the entire schedule of new MMA fights as well as hundreds of hours of star-studded classic footage exclusively to the network.

Original MAVTV programming is designed to offer something for everyone in the family and includes game shows, comedy, global adventure and even cooking shows – although the chef must first catch what he cooks.

Patison adds, "We are thrilled to be joining DIRECTV. Its further proof that we have a significant place in the market and our offering is what people want – real American action, real American laughs, real American drama and real American adventure. MAVTV is and always will be American Real."

Watch MAVTV on DIRECTV starting June 10 on channel 219. For programming schedule and details, visit:

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