Gordon wants more SAFER barriers

Jeff Gordon talked about the lack of SAFER barriers in many areas around track:
Q: On your tweet comment after the Charlotte race about hitting the wall, not being a SAFER barrier there. Have you talked to Anybody in relation to that?
Gordon: "I found the one off of (Turn) 2 here (Dover) and they haven't fixed that one. I saw somebody in the Truck Series found it, too, and they haven't done that. So, I'm not anticipating any change. I understand their theory is they go through their testing and see where multiple impacts have happened and highest impacts and those things. But, I've got to tell you, that was one of the hardest hits I've had in a race car. And the type of impact it was, I got hit from the left so it shifted everything to the left, and then I hit the wall on the right so I went from left to right. I had a rough week. I didn't quite understand the pain that I was feeling that night until I went back and watched the video and realized the angle that I hit as well as the fact that there was no Safer barrier. I had no idea there was no Safer barrier at that dogleg on the front stretch. That blew my mind that there wasn't one. I mean, there's one at the start/finish line and it stops and then there's one at Turn 1. It goes around to Turn 2. That kind of shocked me. So, I certainly said something and when I get the opportunity, I'll talk to others as well about it. As I've learned in the past, they're going to look at those circumstances and make their calls based on that. Me sitting down and having a conversation with them isn't necessarily going to change that, but it doesn't mean it's going to stop me from doing it." Chevy PR

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